Beat Schneiderbauer

Sport activities and nature where ever a big part of my life. Raised up in a small village in the beautiful Swiss alps, where i early found a good connection and a healthy portion of respect to the nature. Beside the beautiful alps i wanted to discover something completely different. i became a dive professional and i decided to „work and travel“ the world, or at least some parts of it.
the outstanding underwater world in our oceans made me very fast loving the big blue thingy on our planet. no doubt, i got to move to the sea! Came to this awesome island for a summer job in a dive shop and somehow get stuck here. For active and nature loving people has this place so much to offer all the year long. From hiking, Mt biking, kayaking, climbing, scuba diving, swimming, bouldering, freediving… i`m enjoying and appreciating ever day on this beautiful island. And as your outdoor sports guide, i`m honored to show you the nature and to share some special moments with you.

Lilit Garrigós Sistaré

Su pasión por los deportes extremos y la naturaleza se despertó de niña.
Realizó su carrera en Investigación de mercados y en Ciencias Empresariales, dirigió durante 8 años una empresa de distribución de productos sanitarios a farmacias, en Barcelona.
Su experiencia la llevó a investigar la razón de hábitos, pensamientos, sensaciones extrañas y a buscar un significado más profundo de las cosas.
Expandió esta búsqueda personal a través del Posgrado en Psicología Transpersonal y el Posgrado en Danza Movimiento Terapia. Luego se especializó en Kinesiología, terapias Corporales y Alimentación Energética.

Afortunada de encontrar diferentes maestros, amigos, familiares, Guías Deportivos y profesionales del Cuerpo y del Alma.
En 2014 decidió ir a la aventura y se trasladó a Ibiza para seguir su sueño. Y desde entonces, comparte con quien lo desee su experiencia en deportes , el Cuidado del Cuerpo y las propias herramientas de vida.


Alejandro Pellegrino (nickname pipeta), born in Argentina in 1973, started his studies (physical-chemical) which he leaved in the third year to devote his life only to climbing. After a year of starting to climb, he takes his baptism at the big walls of Patagonia. Epic experiences lived in those walls marked him passionately influencing him in a purist style. Alejandro has proved to be a great mountaineer and has a recognized reputation in the media of large walls.

On 2005 founded the Club d’Escalada d’Eivisa and has been for over 10 years promoting the sport of climbing on the island of Ibiza. The school has been training new athletes and promoting climbing in all its forms, always under the slogan of respecting the environment and sacred places where the climbers venture into.

From 2014 along with Karina Danchú Zeff, they created, executed and currently carry out this project, IbizaVertical Center, which promotes a healthy lifestyle where climbing and art go hand by hand.