What happens when you don’t stretch? Nothing. For a while. You lift. You get stronger. You improve your diet a bit. You get leaner. You look good. Then you wake up one day and you have a slight pain in your lower back, as you roll out of bed. You instinctively try to stretch it out.Something’s wrong.
If you’re convinced to add mobility work into your routine, here are two ways you can go about it. First, take a yoga class . I know. I know. “Yoga is for the birds.” Trust me, it’s worth it. Or an hour Fitness and streching per week of mobility work will make a difference. Having a mobile body is also essential for satisfaccion.

Here is an exemple the Routine:
Five-minute warm-up jog Treadmill Sprint · 90 seconds Mobility Work · Pigeon (Glutes)· 60-second hold Repeat five times Incline Treadmill Sprint· 90 seconds Mobility Work· Hamstring· Thoracic Extensions on the Foam Roller · 60 seconds Repeat five times..:)) Sometimes a muscle needs to “wake up” a bit with an intense and happy stretch.

1-2 pax €70
3 pax €110
4 pax €140
5 pax €160
6 pax €180
  • Discount for residents

Details Inclusions

• Mineral water
• Professional fitness guide
• Yoga Matt

“Despues de un tiempo enferma con mi cuerpo casi sin movilidad, empezado a sentir músculos que no sabia existian en mi y lo mejor que disfruto cuidando de mi cuerpo y por eso me siento mas guapa .Feliz de haber encontrado este acompañamiento”Anette Lumiere

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