Ibiza Outdoor Sports is a company dedicated to Active Tourism, registered in the Ministry of Tourism Insular d’Eivissa. Your registration ensures that we meet the legal requirements collecting on Active Tourism (Decree 20/2015 of 17 April, on general principles and guidelines for coordination in tourism; regulatory advisory bodies, coordination and cooperation of the Government of the Balearic Islands, and regulation and classification of companies and tourist establishments, issued in development of Law 8/2012, of July 19, of Tourism of the Balearic Islands). All our activities are guided by properly qualified and trained professionals. We have a program of continuous training and retraining our guides. The management and coordination of activities are run by Beat Schneiderbauer, Y3672480S NIE, titled monitor Active Tourism. We have insurance and Accident Liability for all our activities and customers. General conditions Taking part in any of the activities organized by Beat Schneiderbauer, Y3672480S, trade name Ibiza Outdoor Sports implies full acceptance by the participant of the general conditions, which are valid contract. In case that a participant enrolls several participants or a group, it shall be obliged to inform the general conditions set forth herein ?? other participants registered by him. General Conditions for the service. The prices shown are per person, excluding IVA and are direct services offered by Ibiza Outdoor Sports for the minimum indicated group. Unless otherwise expressed literally, the hiring of external services (accommodation, transport, …) will be charged to the customer, but to provide such services, can sometimes be managed by Ibiza Outdoor Sports. Participants were informed in advance about the features and difficulty of the activity, environmental preservation measures, knowledge, safety and materials to use. The contract of activity includes an insurance policy liability and accidents for all participants. In the price includes the necessary material, both individually and collectively, all equipment and materials are certified by the CE. In each sheet specifies the equipment needed for each activity is specified. Ibiza Outdoor Sports has available to its customers a complaint form. Ibiza Outdoor Sports ensure the safety of participants, as well as respect for the environment. insurance Ibiza Outdoor Sports assumes responsibility from the time activity started until the end. Only covering shifts from Sant Antoni Potmany to the starting point of each activity. The company is in possession with their corresponding policy Liability and accident insurance and assistance required by regulatory decrees of the sector in the country. The company informed of the policy and coverage, giving the possibility to choose a type of additional coverage for certain activities. Participants are responsible for their own actions during the activity. The price of these are included in the price of the contract activity. Information on conditions and insurance coverage is available to customers. The company is not responsible for accidents before or after the contracted activity. If a conflict be resolved in court, both parties submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of the island of Ibiza. Participant Obligations Participants who contract any of the services provided by Ibiza Outdoor Sports are aware that they will carry out an activity of active tourism or adventure sport, assuming the risks of the activity and the possibility of suffering a freak accident in the natural environment. Participants will receive an information and safety talk before beginning the activity. This information has the maximum importance, since the necessary instructions on personal and collective security are detailed. The participant agrees to follow the rules monitors and safety information that they dictate. If a participant or more voluntarily decide to ignore the instructions of the guides, Ibiza Outdoor Sports don,t be responsible for the fate of them. Participants are agree to communicate to Ibiza Outdoor Sports if they have any type of illness or disability that could alter the normal functioning of the activity, if any female participant may be pregnant should also inform. The guides will have the power to deny participation to those participants that d’ ont carry the right equipment for the activity or lack adequate physical condition for the effort to be carried out, resulting in no refund. Participants also commit not to be under the influence of alcohol, drugs as well as any other medication that might affect their ability to react and physics. Participants minors could be accompanied by Parent or Guardian, they always must sign a document authorizing the child’s participation in the activity.
The participant is responsible for the equipment which is provided for carrying out the activity and must return completely to the end of it. In case of loss of any items during the course of the activity, you must pay its value. Ibiza Outdoor Sports shall not be liable for damage or deterioration that the goverment charge a participant from bad use, neglect in the media, installations or spaces used for the implementation of the activities. For all participants enjoy during the adventure activities, it is essential to avoid attitudes that could offend the rest of the group to do so, must respect the rules, schedules and instructions stipulated that the organization needed. It is essential to respect the environment, ways and customs of the places visited. For any activity carried out in an aquatic environment it is essential to know how to swim. In case you need a costumer service, it must be informed in advance. In the case of wearing glasses, contact lenses or prothesis to the activity, the participant assumes the risk or damage to which they are exposed. Ibiza Outdoor Sports is not responsible for personal items during the activity. The company offers customers a complaint form. Reservations and fertilizers. Participants will make reservations by phone, through the website or our email address, where they will be asked a series of data necessary to identify participants and include them in the various insurance policies that have subscribed. It must be paid 100% of the reservation 24h in advance.
In the event that the participant cancel their participation in an activity will be reimbursed as follows: 100% return delivered when the cancellation is communicated thirty days before conducting the activity. 50% refund given when cancellation happen fifteen days prior to the conduct of the activity. 25% refund given when the cancellation happen between the fourteenth and eighth day of the completion of the activity. 0% refund of the amount paid when the cancellation happen between the seventh and the same day of the performance of the activity.
The fact of not to present the day of the activity does not imply any refund of the amount paid. In addition, if after 30 minutes before a set time in a meeting for an activity and if the client does not warn of the delay, Ibiza Outdoor Sports leave the meeting point and not the amount of reservation will be paid. In case of delay notice, Ibiza Outdoor Sports could proportionally shorten development activity if permits. In the case the same day starting the activity, weather conditions involve a danger to the integrity of the participants, the activity will be postponed to another date, that the company propose, or customer also giving the option to redeem such activity on the other, the cost of the activity will not be refunded. Any modification or suspension during the activity by external cause to the organization, will not involve the refund of any amount or replacing the same, so we will try to start the activity in the most favorable conditions. Ibiza Outdoor Sports will not take over the supplies of the participants except the activities that indicate otherwise. Ibiza Outdoor Sports agree to provide services within the legal framework of the current rules of tourism and recreation. Data Protection Privacy Agree to the provisions of the Organic Law on Protection of Personal Data, Law 15/1999 of 13 December, we inform you that personal data obtained through the booking form or request for information on the web, the buying online booking or through other sales channels they will be included in an automated file called Customers, being responsible for the filing our company. The company may use the images of customers during the activity for later use in web, brochures, exhibitions or any commercial use that the company has. Data collected from customers may be used to send information and commercial offers on products and services of the company. We inform you also that according to the LOPD You can exercise your right of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by writing to our company. Acceptance of general conditions The decision to participate in any of our activities must be based on understanding of these general conditions.